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Pocky are biscuit sticks covered in chocolate and one of the most popular Japanese snacks. Crunchy and sweet, Pocky has become a part of every Japanese teenager’s life and no Japanese snack store is ever complete without them.

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What is Pocky?

Pocky has taken roots in the Japanese culture that it has also become a symbol of Japanese life, as well. Almost every Japanese stores in different countries carry this sweet and crunchy treat as anime and manga fans from all over the world are making sure to stock up. Today, Pocky is not only a staple Japanese snack, but it has also made its way to parties and pop culture, and has even a national day to celebrate it!

Pocky in Pop Culture

After losing his job, Momofuku Ando was surveying the wreckage brought by aerial bombings in his native town of Osaka, Japan. While he was walking, he came across a group of people lining up for a bowl of ramen. He realized that a noodle soup has become universal comfort food, and people all over the world are in need of both things during that critical time—comfort and food. He thought that ending hunger will result in world peace.

A decade after that, Ando once again lost his job as the bank he was working for closed down. He thought of producing a post-war food. The ideal one should be easy to prepare, can be stored longer, economical, safe and healthy to eat, and most importantly, it should be delicious. During that time, he remembered the scene he witnessed where people are lining up for a bowl of ramen and realized, once again, that ramen is perfect comfort food.

Pocky Day

Pocky Day has been celebrated every November 11 in Japan since 1999. During this day, people enjoy fun events and amusements organized by Glico, not only in Japan, but also in different countries where Pocky is popular and loved.

But, why November 11? Some of us might think that it is just a random date—but it is not. November 11, 1999 is a significant date in the Japanese calendar as it is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the Heisei Era. In short, it was 11-11-11. Two Pocky sticks together resembles the numeral 11, so the date is nothing but perfect to celebrate the well-loved biscuit sticks.

Pocky Game or Pocky Challenge

Pocky dominates a party not only as a snack item but also as an object of a fun game. To play the Pocky game, participants are asked to choose their partners. Once everyone has their partners, they should face each other closely that they only have 12 inches of space in between them. Each one will take opposite ends of the Pocky stick between their teeth and at the count of three, each one must bite their end of the Pocky until they reach the middle part without dropping the Pocky stick. If they do drop it, they will have to grab another stick and repeat everything. When they reach the middle of the stick, the couple lips will meet but the first one to pull away will lose. The game will definitely result in a kiss so choose someone you do not mind kissing!

Pocky Dance

What started as a commercial of Pocky has turned into a viral Pocky dance. In the said commercial, the trio ‘Sharehappi’ which was composed of famous Japanese pop stars danced into a lively beat with such movements that have become popular among teenagers and schoolchildren. Gradually, the viral dance challenge became popular worldwide, as evidenced by different videos featuring people all over the world performing the Pocky dance.

Most popular Pocky flavors


The original Pocky flavor has been around since 1966. The biscuit stick is covered in rich chocolate that leans toward a dark blend but is not bitter.

Milk Chocolate

Made with 2.5 times more milk, the Milk Chocolate Pocky has a smoother chocolate flavor than the regular Chocolate Pocky. As such, this one is sweeter—perfect for the Pocky lovers who have sweet tooth.


Another classic flavor, the Strawberry Pocky was first released in 1977 and has become popular among the Pocky lovers since then. Though the Strawberry Pocky is among the core pillar flavors, there are certain seasons in Japan when Glico does not produce this variant so you better stock up while it is still available.

Almond Crush

Your usual Pocky biscuit with way thicker chocolate coating studded with thick flakes of crushed almond. The Almond Crush Pocky’s has less biscuit sticks than usual but the thick chocolate coating and almond flakes make each stick richer that you won’t mind having only a few.

Giant Pocky

With each stick measuring almost a foot in length, this supersized Pocky comes with 22 individually-wrapped Pocky sticks. This super-sized Pocky has three variants. There is the classic Chocolate Pocky; the Giant Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry, with strawberry flakes and chunks with the strawberry cream coating of each Pocky stick; and the Giant Rainbow Pocky that comes in an individual pack of seven in assorted flavors. Keep on the lookout, though, because for a specific time, Glico releases regional-edition Giant Pocky

Regional editions

Now, Pocky also comes in flavors that are only available in specific regions in Japan. These regional-edition Pocky feature flavors that distinctly identify the Japanese region they represent. Pocky hunters find it hard to grab ahold of this regional-edition of Pocky outside Japan. But when they do, these prized catches are given as travel gifts to family and friends, letting them have a nice piece of that part of Japan where the regional-edition Pocky came from. Since they are also produced in limited quantities, 99japan may not always have them in stock.

Hokkaido Yubari Melon

These Pocky sticks are coated with bright orange flavoring which is made from real Yubari Melon, a native fruit that grows in the Hokkaido region of Japan. Sometimes, they also come in Giant Pocky version that Pocky fans always keep an eye on.

Yamagata Cherry

The Yamagata prefecture is known for producing 70 percent of all cherries in Japan and its main variety, the Satonishiki, is the most popular one. Glico packed the Satonishiki’s perfect balance of acidity and sweetness into Pocky sticks which makes it sweet and tangy.

Uji Matcha (Green Tea)

Matcha-flavored Pocky has been around for quite some time, but this Uji Matcha Pocky is infused with Green Tea; with its dry and leafy aroma that you’ll get as soon as you open a pack. Each stick has an authentic Matcha flavor with a slightly bitter after-taste that you’ll get from Green Tea but the hints of white chocolate are just right to neutralize the bitterness.

Gorojima Konemi

A vegetable-flavored variant, this Pocky is coated with flavoring that contains eight percent sweet-potato that grows in the Hokoriku region and is known for its sweetness.

Shinshu Grapes

This Pocky variant contains biscuit sticks coated in flavoring made from the premium Kyoho grapes of Shinshu known for being juicy and sweet, and large.

Fukuoka Strawberry

Fukuoka is famous for its amaou strawberry. This type of strawberry comes with a high price tag, as it is a luxurious variety. Glico packed its flavors into a box of Pocky and anyone who will receive it will surely love it.

Setouchi Iyo

This Pocky is coated with flavorings made with 16 percent juice from the Ikushin citrus found in the Chugoku-Shikoku region. This variety of citrus is known to have a perfect balance of sweet and sour taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to eat Pocky?

Pocky is such a tasty snack and there is actually an exact way on how to eat this yummy treat. After opening a packet of Pocky, take one stick out by holding on to the non-covered part of the stick. It is easy to get to this part since it is just below the packet opening. Place the Pocky stick between the teeth and the side of your mouth, specifically, on the same side of the hand, you are using. While holding on to the stick, hold your elbow horizontally and then swing it at 90 degrees to break the stick.

How many calories there are in a Pocky?

Thirteen milk-chocolate flavored biscuit sticks have 150 calories, 54 of which are from fats. The majority of the calories are from carbohydrates.

How to pronounce Pocky?

To make the whole Pocky experience authentically Japanese, we need to know how a native Japanese speaker would pronounce its name. They pronounce it as ‘pok’ki’ and not ‘pow-ki’.

Are Pocky gluten-free?

Glico has yet to make Pocky gluten-free. It is worth noting that, at present, all variants of Pocky contain gluten. Do note, however, that the company is continuously enhancing its products to serve the needs of its customers and we may have gluten-free Pocky, in the future.

Are Pocky vegan?

Pocky does not use any ingredients which are derived from animals except for the whole milk powder used in the biscuit sticks.

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