Japanese Sweets

99Japan exports a wide variety of Japanese sweets products worldwide. Whether you are looking for Japanese pastries, Japanese treats or Japanese chocolate, we hold it in our stock. Take a peek at our collections of Japanese confectionaries; it has never been that simple to buy Japanese sweets online. 

Categories of Japanese Sweets

Japan is mostly famous for salty food such as ramen, sushi, yakiniku but it is also a paradise for sweet lovers. With a balance of traditionally made pastries to western-inspired confectioneries let us show you a pick of what is made Japan sweets world.


Wa (和) for Japan and gashi (菓子) for sweet in Japanese, Wagashi are all the traditional Japanese sweets made from natural ingredients principally red adzuki beans paste called Anko (餡こ) or Mochi (餅) the Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice. Wagashi has been perfected and popularised through the Edo period where it was regularly served during the traditional tea ceremony. Nowadays the most popular wagashi are Daifuku, Dorayaki, Dango, Yokan, Manju, Dorayaki.



Yogashi means sweet from a foreign origin and refers to all confectioneries initially created in the western countries and imported in Japan. Usually, Japanese sweets brands add some Japanese ingredients like yuzu citrus, Matcha green tea, wasabi and sakura to make it locally flavored. Rediscover the desserts you are accustomed to but this time with Japanese tastes combined with it.

Japanese Bakery

Bread isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Japanese cuisine, but don’t be wrong bread has a notable role in Japanese gastronomy since the post-war area. Bakery corners or shops can be found all over Japan, often near train station exits. Japanese Bakery food is full of surprising and delicious flavors; this included Melonpan, Anpan, Karepan, Tsubuan Pan, Choux Cream filled with Japanese flavors, and more.


Matcha desserts

Matcha (抹茶) is a fine powder made from green tea leaves. Originally from China, it has been brought to Japan by the chan Buddhist and consumed during the traditional tea ceremony. Nowadays matcha is still very associated with the Japanese tea ceremony, but it has become an essential ingredient for Japanese dessert of all sort. In Wagashi you can find matcha flavors in Mochi, Manju, Kasutera but it’s in western-style sweets that matcha aromas are commonly used. Try the best of matcha sweets or with matcha cake, matcha cookies, matcha chocolate, matcha candy. 


brands that we like

We compiled for you our tops brand picks, from the famous Hi-chew candy to Sakery gummy, the Popin Cookin Japanese candy box. Try out the chocolate biscuit with our Pocky and Kit Kat collections and sweet Chocopie buns.

Pocky chocolate



Hi Chew



Kit kat

Kit Kat

Popin cookin

Popin Cookin

Sakeru Gummy

Sakeru Gummy

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