POPIN COOKIN, the ultimate guide 2021

By now you have probably seen them somewhere. The Popin Cookin candy. The famous Japanese candy produced by Kracie. If you haven’t already seen them, basically they are an easy to make a step by step candy, a Do It Yourself type of candy. You have all the ingredients needed in the package to make the candy and you just need to mix them together and give them the desired form to create the final candy. A fun experience!

So where do they come from? History of Popin Cookin x Kracie:

The evolution of the Kracie company is quite broad, starting in 1887 and still active to present days. Kracie went from making cotton clothes to a company with three main subdivisions: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. Of course, Popin’ Cookin’ is found under the food section of the company.

What does the creation process look like?

The most famous DIY candy from Popin Cookin must be the DIY sushi candy set. Watch the creation process of the Sushi version here:

Japanese candies are always full of crazy surprises and this candy is no exception. They are a ton of fun ways to put them together and the final reward (the final candy) is also worth it!

You can purchase it here on 99japan (international delivery):

We tracked down the most popular versions of Popin Cookin and here they are in no particular order:

Popin Cookin Sushi Box

This is probably the most famous Popin Cookin, the sushi box, I’m sure you already saw this one in a picture or on youtube. It’s so fun to see sushi candy and they taste good too!

This set contains: Salmon eggs, Tuna sashimi, Egg roll, Rice

Popin Cookin Bento

Japanese people love bento’s, and they are right — bento are awesome. What about a candy that looks like a Bento. there you go.

This set contains: a Rice ball, Egg roll, Broccoli, Octopus sausage, Spaghetti and fried chicken

Popin Cookin Matsuri Set

Have you ever experienced a matsuri festival in Japan? If not, you can have a sweet preview with this matsuri popin cookin set!

This set contains: French Fries, Candy Apples, Chocolate Banana, and Corn on the Cob.

Popin Cookin Funny Cake Shop

This kit contains an assortment of different delicacies, 2 ice cream cones and a wafer biscuit of strawberry & vanilla goodness. You can use the packaging as a cone dispenser. Finally you own an ice cream shop!

this set contains: Strawberry cream, Vanilla cream, Toppings, 2 cones, 1 tarte, 1 tarte

Popin Cookin Hamburger Kit 

After turning classic Japanese foods into DIY candies, Glico is now transforming the traditional American burger into a fun to make candy! We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set contains: Cup, Buns mix, French fries mix, Cheese mix, Cola mix

Popin Cookin Donut Kit 

This kit is different from other popin cookin sets because you will be making a food that is already a dessert. The donuts taste really good even though they are quite small compared to real donuts. We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set contains: Custard dough mix, Cocoa dough mix, Vanilla sauce mix, Strawberry sauce mix, Chocolate sauce mix, Crunch

Popin Cookin Fun Ramen Kit

There couldn’t be a Japanese candy mocking Japanese without making a Ramen version, This is one of my favorite kits because the visual aspect of the final candy is quite convincing! You could think that this is actually a pretty good looking ramen except they all taste like Cola! We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set contains: noodle soup, boiled egg, naruto fish cake and gyoza dumplings.

Popin Cookin Takoyaki Balls Kit 

The famous Takoyaki Balls! Did you even know that this version existed? If you have already done the most famous kit I would suggest trying this one.

This set contains: Octopus pieces powder, Mayonnaise powder, Dough powder, Sauce mix, toothpick. We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

Popin Cookin Fun Naan Curry Kit

After being out of stock for many years, Kracie decided to produce them again! Go get it before this happens again! We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set Contains: bread mix, Curry Mix

Popin Cookin Crepe Kit

Have you heard of the Japanese Crepe? This is another famous dessert that Popin Cookin is trying to re-create. You will be making miniature versions of Crepes! We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set contains: crepe dough, cream, strawberry jelly, banana and chocolate sauce.

Popin Cookin Taiyaki & Dango Kit

In this kit you will be making mini chocolate filled Taiyaki fish! This kit also contains a mochi daifuku and a ramune soda drink. You will need water and a microwave to complete this kit. We provide the english instructions at the end of the article.

This set contains: Strawberry jelly mix, Rice cake mix, Taiyaki mix, chocolate cream mix, Mitarashi sauce mix, Ramune mix

As you can see there are a lot of options available. We will be updating this guide every time Kracie adds a new product to the Cookin Popin collection! So, if you already love Japanese snacks / candies and have never tried making your own candy you have to give these a try now! They make a cute gift for birthdays or are a fun activity to do with kids. Get everybody involved in the process — they will be amazed and you can all enjoy the final creations

I’m convinced, I want to try it for myself where can I buy it?

Depending on where you are from, your retail store experience may vary. I don’t know if you have a local Japanese shop near your house. But you can start by googling this. If you want to purchase online, there are a lot of different options. But I would suggest looking at the one we have on our website: — We deliver worldwide so no issue with that. And because you are coming from our blog you can use the promotional code “popin” at the checkout for a 10% discount on your first order!

If you already ordered some Popin Cookin and want to share with us your creations Tweet or Instagram them with the #99japan ! we would love to see what you made!



Could you give me the Popin Cookin English instructions?

I sure can, here is how you can make the Popin Cookin for each variations:

  • Popin Cookin Sushi Box English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Bento English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Matsuri Set English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Funny Cake English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Hamburger Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Donut Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Fun Ramen Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Takoyaki Balls Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Fun Naan Curry Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Crepe Kit English instructions here
  • Popin Cookin Taiyaki & Dango Kit English instructions here

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