The 12 Best Japanese candies to try in 2021!

So you love Japan and Japanese food, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to trying the best Japanese candies?

I know the feeling, you go in a Japanese specialty shop or you browse a couple of websites, but the choices are too daunting.

No worries, we’ve got you covered!

WE are an E commerce website ( selling everything Japanese, from snacks to bento boxes, so we know what the best Japanese candies are to try in 2020!

1. Kit Kat mini Matcha taste

This is a pretty obvious choice and you probably already tried them, but hey we never know! If you haven’t tried them yet, grab some right away! They are so good.

So, what are they? Kit Kat is pretty popular here in Japan. To cater to the Japanese market, Nestle came up with a lot of exclusive Kit Kat flavors that are hard or impossible to find in the USA or outside of Japan.

So this special Kit Kat is the Matcha taste. Matcha is Japanese green tea, but instead of infusing it like we do in the West, they grind the green tea leaves until they become fine powder. That powder is what is used in the creation of this Kit Kat!

So, the Kit Kat has a full green color and tastes like a mix of delicious milk chocolate with a hint of green tea, Matcha.

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2. Popin Cookin – DIY candies

The popin cookin DIY candies are pretty unique! I already wrote a full article about it here:

But as the title suggests it’s a Do It Yourself type of candy!

I know you don’t hear that often, and that’s why most videos published on YouTube about this candy get several million views!

The most popular version is probably the Popin cookin sushi where you will be creating a sushi set from scratch with the ingredients provided. A little mix of this and a little mix of that and boom, you have what looks like a full sushi set.

Don’t be fooled, it’s actually candy and tastes pretty good!

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3. Pureral – gummy

Pureral is a cube-shaped juicy gummy candy made by KABAYA, a pretty big Japanese manufacturer.

They are a sweet gummies made from real fruits!

The deal about Pureral is that they want their candies to conserve the same texture of the fruit while being delicious gummies.

As they put it on their website:

We are particular about “fruit feeling” and “mouthfeel” and pursuit the deliciousness of fruits original since PURERAL has launched

By the way PURERAL derives from “pure” and “natural” 🙂

These gummies are really soft and jiggly and flavorful! If you haven’t tried them, you should order some next time here:

4. KORORO gummy

A Kororo gummy is similar to a Pureral gummy. They want to conserve an authentic fruit taste and texture.

It’s more like a combination of a jelly and an ordinary gummy. The outer layer “skin” is a lot like the real outer layer skin of a fruit. Once you take the skin off you will be greeted by a juicy and jelly like candy delivering a powerful real fruit flavor and scent.

The most popular flavor is probably grape, because the experience is so close to actually eating a real grape!

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5. Pure Gummy grape

Sweet and sour taste and contains vitamin C, collagen and also rich grape juice in the centre. More flavors are available like lemon or berry.

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6. OTOKO ume candy

OTOKO ume candy is made from the Japanese plum called umeboshi. That’s where it gets its name from. Japanese hard plum candy is quite traditional in Japan. Beware these candies are really sour and salty!

7. Hi-chew

Probably one of the most mainstream Japanese candies available in the west. The Hi-chew is a chewing gum alternative made from a chewy fruit flavored candy. They are available in over 170 different flavors the most popular ones being: apple, grape, strawberry, orange…

It all started when Taichiro Morinaga (the confectioner that invented HI-CHEW) was looking for a chewing gum alternative to avoid taking out the piece of gum from his mouth once finished or at dinner, to stay polite.

Fast forward to today, Hi-chew is now one of the most popular chewy candies in Japan and Morinaga become one of the largest confectioners in Asia.

8. E-ma

E-ma is made by the same company behind the kororo gummies! So, you can expect some level of goodness. They are considered a throat candy because the outer shell is made of xylitol that is rich with vitamin C.

They aren’t like your ordinary throat candies, the outer layer is hard, but the inside is made of a sweet gummy texture as you can expect UHA to do. And the packaging makes it very convenient to take a single candy per use and keep them stored properly.

They are available in a variety of different flavors like grape, soda, lemon and fruit mix.

9. Fettuccine

This gummy candy is for you, sweet and sour lovers. I am one of those. Contrary to the previous gummies that I mentioned, Fettucine are not trying to mimic real fruit sensations.

They take their name from the Italian pasta, because of their shapes that look like pasta! And they are also available in a wide variety of flavors.

If you love sweet and sour candies you should try the Fettucine gummy, they are one of my favorite Japanese candies.

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10. MOKO MOKO Mokoletto (toilet candy)

This is a great candy to offer to your friends or family as a funny joke ^^.

Yes, you read that title correctly. This candy looks like an actual toilet. You mix the powder provided in the toilet and you mix it up, then you put a straw down the toilet and drink up the candy.

An incredible experience nevertheless. You can finally claim that you have eaten in a toilet.

11. Konpeito

Konpeito is a traditional hard Japanese candy. They were introduced by the Portuguese traders in the early 16th century. Their name comes from the Portuguese word “confeito” which is a type of sugar candy.

Sugar was not a known raw ingredient for the Japanese before it was introduced by the Portuguese.

Because of that, these candies were expensive, rare and hard to produce. That made them become one of the most iconic and traditional candies of Japan.

12. Marshmallows – green tea matcha

This is a great candy for all you Matcha lovers. The Japanese take on marshmallows with of course the addition of Matcha green tea.

There are several different brands offering this type of marshmallow like the “Eiwa Matcha marshmallow” or the “Hello Kitty Matcha marshmallows”.

So, if you love marshmallows and also love Japanese Matcha green tea, then you should absolutely try out these delicious candies.


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