Top 60 Made in Japan Products You Can Buy Now

Japanese products are known for its craftsmanship, durability, ingenuity, and, not to mention, its cute designs. We know that there is a lot of exciting products made in Japan worth purchasing. Here, we list down 60 of the best authentically Japanese made products so to make it easier for you to choose and decide which ones to buy.

1. Kokeshi Bento 

This collection of bento box comes in cute designs and will remind you of the traditional Japanese dolls, or the kokeshi. This traditional Japanese lunchbox has two tiers to separate different foods and also includes a bowl for soups and sauces.

2. Handmade Okiagari Kobashi Chopsticks

This pair of chopsticks was crafted following the Fukui eyeglass manufacturing technique of inserting weight in the top of a chopstick to keep its balance. 

3. Natural Wood Chopsticks with Fuji San Rest

Made from natural wood, this chopstick comes in a set box with two chopsticks rest in a shape that resembles M. Fuji. Rest is where you place chopsticks, most specifically, its tips, to prevent it from getting contaminated and rolling off the table. 

4. Nissin Cup Noodles

The original ramen in a cup, Nissin Cup Noodles has been a universal comfort food for more than 45 years now. With lesser sodium, no added MSG or artificial flavors, your favorite go-to food has just been made even better!

5. Kit Kat Okinawa Sweet Potatoes

Take a bite of the crispy version of the specialty of the Okinawa region, the violet sweet potato, or what they call as the bench-imo. Please take note that this Kit Kat variant is only available in Japan, but it can be bought here at 99japan.

6. Heroine Make Long Lasting Gel Eye Liner

Heroine Make is probably more famous for its waterproof and long-lasting mascara. The gel liner is just as waterproof and durable, and with a 1.5mm tip so you can make precise, delicate lines.

7. Glico Avocadooza

Have you ever wondered how a combination of avocado and wasabi will taste like? Well, you would not know unless you get Glico Avocadooza. This unique flavor is packed on a cracker, perfect to pair with wine or other beverage.

8. Kaki No Tame-Original Taste

We mentioned wine a while ago, and here is another snack made in Japan that is also a perfect pair while drinking alcoholic beverages. The kakinotane is made of rice, but it is spicy, which makes it more addicting to eat.

9. Kit Kat Mini Wasabi 

Another best product made in Japan, the Kit Kat Mini Wasabi is your regular while chocolate biscuit but spiced up with a hint of real wasabi. This variant used be only exclusive for Japan but Nestle has offered it to the international customers.

10. Biore Marshmallow Whip Moisture

Just for pumping the product out, you’ll get to immediately see the fine bubbles that have the tough job of cleansing the pores. Through its moisture-rich hydration formula, this product will not dry the skin. 

11. Nissin Menshokunin Tomato Bowl

Thin, non-fried noodles in a bowl of chicken-and-soy sauce broth topped with spring onion and crisp nori seaweed that will be ready in no time at all. Hungry now?

12. Kit Kat Mini Azuki Red Bean Taste

Red bean toasts are popular in coffee shops in Nagoya and Kit Kat just captured that uniquely Japan taste and spread it between crunchy wafers covered in milk chocolate?

13. Japanese Knives

Popularly called as ‘was-bocho,’ the Japanese knives traces its origins from the Samurai warrior days. These are produced using the same hand-forging methods used to create samurai swords. 

14. Hada Labo Tokyo Skincare Set

From the brand known for its innovative Japanese skincare products comes Tokyo Skincare Set that fills the skin with hyaluronic acid, an element that our body gradually loses as we age. 

15. Kit Kat Mini Hojicha Taste

Is it a tea break, yet? Then, have a bite of this Kit Kat flavored with Hojicha Roasted Green Tea. The crispy wafer coated with white chocolate is filled with layers of creamy Hojicha paste, infusing it with the aroma of roasted green tea. Isn’t it tea break, yet?

16. Ichiran Instant Ramen

The Ichiran brand of instant ramen first checks the compatibility of the noodle and the soup and then adjust the composition of the flour, thickness, shape of the noodles, accordingly. 

17. Popin Cookin Ramen

If you have a little chef who wants to make his or her ramen noodles and gyoza noodles, this do-it-yourself kit will keep the kid busy while she creates her meal made from candy. 

18. Kit Kat Setouchi Salt and Lemon

Okinawa has its own regional Kit Kat variant with the Setouchi Salt and Lemon. A popular summer flavor combination in Japan, salt and lemon are both popular products from the Setouchi region.

19. Imabari Towels

According to its website, Imabari represents Japanese quality through its safe, secure, and high-quality product. Imabari has been at the forefront of the towel industry of Japan for about 120 years now. 

20. Canmake Illuminating Powder

Canmake is one of the leading Japanese cosmetics brand and one its product is the Illuminating Powder that may be used, not only to give a natural glow on your skin but also as an eye shadow base to brighten the eyelids. 

21. Kit Kat Mini Masuizumi Sake

Kit Kat Mini Masuizumi Sake

Considered by some as one of the boldest Kit Kat creation as of yet, the Sake Flavored Kit Kat is infused with a sake powder in between crispy vanilla wafer, all covered by a cocoon of white chocolate.

22. Sake

Commonly referred to as Japanese Rice Wine, the Sake is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting polished rice without the bran. This drink is served at all types of restaurants in Japan. 

23. Maruchan Instant Ramen

Here’s a little bit of a trivia—in Spain, ‘Marucha’ is used as a slang term for doing things quickly. Moreover, what led to this turn out is the popularity of Maruchan Ramen, not only in Japan but in other countries, as well. 

24. Kit Kat Mini Premium Peach Mint

The mint is a staple flavor in every Kit Kat summer releases. This year, Kit Kat infused mint cream in between wafer layers covered with peach-flavored white chocolate, bringing an unusual character. 

25. Kit Kat Mini Shinshu Apple

What do you expect from a box of Kit Kat Mini Shinshu Apple? Apple-flavored milk chocolate covering crispy wafers filled with Kit Kat signature chocolate. Craving for one now?

26. SASS Coffee Scrub Matcha & Sakura Scrub 

Matcha does not only bring health benefits like food; it is also an excellent skin care ingredient that will do wonders for the skin. This particular body scrub is also infused with the goodness of cherry blossom scent.

27. Nakiryu Dandan Instant Ramen

Just right after it gained its Michelin star, Nakiryu immediately worked together with 7-Eleven and Nissin to create the Nakiryu Dandan Instant Ramen. Dan Dan is a spicy Chinese ramen and is among the specialties of Nakuru. 

28. Starbucks Tumbler Geography Series

Every time Starbucks releases a tumbler collection mainly made for Japan, it does not stay on the shelves for a long time. The Sakura Tumbler location was such a massive hit that it was only a matter of hours before it was sold out. Another equally popular tumbler collection is the Geography Series that features different Japanese cities. The good thing is, each tumbler featuring a specific city can only be bought in a Starbucks Branch in that city. 

29. SK-II Men Moisturizing Cleanser

A refreshing face cleanser for men that helps flush out impurities on the skin’s surface to make way for clean and smooth complexion and leaving the skin refreshed and moisturized. 

30. Kamadeseika Happy Soft Rice Crackers 

Senbei, or rice crackers, are a familiar and well-loved Japanese snack because of its firm crunchiness and the combined taste of dashi, katsuobushi, and kombu.

31. Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake

Another local variant, the Strawberry Cheesecake-flavored Kit Kat is a strawberry cream cheese sandwich of fragrant wafer wrapped in cheese-based white chocolate. 

32. Nambu Ironware

Originating from the Iwate Prefecture, the Nambu Ironwares are known for their strength and quality. Each ironware goes through a lengthy production process, and one who aspires to be a Nambu ironware craftsman will have to spend ten years of mastering this craft. 

33. Nissin Raoh Ramen 

Premium Japanese ramen noodles pass through a state-of-the-art, triple-layer process that does not involve frying before it gets paired with a rich and savory umami broth—that’s Nissin RAOH.

34. Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence

Eudermine is used in Japan for over a century and is one of Shiseido’s oldest product which has been in the market since 1897. This skin softening lotion provides instant moisture and keeps skin moisture at a constant level by responding to changes in the climate. 

35. Tsuta Instant Ramen

Another instant ramen from a Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, the Tsuta Instant Ramen is considered to give one an idea of how the real thing would taste like. Some say that they almost feel the same. 

36. Kit Kat Gotochi West Japan Edition

Isn’t it awesome to have all the Western Japanese-flavored Kit Kat in one box? The Kit Kat Gotochi West Japan Assort Set has 12 pieces of mini Kit Kat in six different flavors such as Matcha Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Roasted Green Tea, Amaou Strawberry, Hiroshima Momiji Manju, Sake Masuizumi. 

37. Ippudo Instant Ramen

In Japan, real restaurants come up with instant ramen versions of their most loved creation so the public can easily have it as soon as the craving for such sets in. Ippudo is a real restaurant in Japan, and just like the others, it was able to release an instant ramen version of its famous ramen meal. 

38. Hakone Yosegi

A type of Japanese parquetry developed during the Edo period, a Yosegi is made from a carefully selected wood to create a mosaic of natural fine grains and textures of wood. 

39. Calbee Sapporo Potatoes with Vegetables

A stick-type potato snack, the Calbee Sapporo Potatoes with Vegetables contains seven different types of vegetable that includes red beet, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, and red paprika. Oh, what a healthy treat!

40. Kit Kat The Power of Matcha Edition

The robust and deep flavor of matcha without the bitter taste, this Kit Kat variant is a darker green compared to other matcha-flavored Kit Kat. The chocolate is further infused with green tea leaves to strengthen the flavor further.

41. Kumano Brush

The Kumano brushes are widely used in Japan for writing, art painting, and even for makeup. As time goes by, these brushes can grab the attention of professional artists from other countries. 

42. Lululun Face Mask Precious White

This luxurious daily facial treatment can brighten and lift matured skin, delivering its anti-aging benefits while it evens the skin tone. With extracts from Asia, avocado, and rose apple leaf, the mask sheets are almost a water tank of moisture.

43. Myojo Chukanzanmai Instant Ramen

The brand of instant ramen most people grew up with, the Myojo Chukazanmai comes in a variety of flavors with the main ones such as miso, soy sauce, and oriental. 

44. Ryukakusan Direct

The powdered version of the famous throat lozenge, the Ryukakusan

Direct also works effectively against the throat. It is available in different flavors such as mint and peach. It also comes in tablet form in mango flavor.

45. Kit Kat Green Tea Leaf 

Just a few seconds after opening a package of Kit Kat Green Tea Leaf, the aroma of green tea will immediately, kicking in a strong urge to take a bite. The chocolate has been mixed with green tea paste and leaves, giving a strong flavor that gets released while you chew on it more. 

46. Wagashi

Traditional Japanese sweets which are enjoyed best with a cup of green tea. The most common wagashi usually enjoyed by locals and tourists alike are namagashi, daifuku, dango, dorayaki, taiyaki, and manju. 

47. Arita Ware

The people of Arita town, Saga Prefecture of the Kyushu region started producing Arita Ware in the 17th Century. Since then, it has been considered as the finest and oldest porcelain product in Japan. 

48. Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom

Those who grew up in the 90s must have this Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom and relive their childhood. This Super Famicom has two wired controllers, just like what original one used to have and it comes with 21 Japanese game titles you will surely enjoy.

49. Hanko

Hanko is personal stamps used by the Japanese to sign documents. Nowadays, foreigners can have their own Hanko, with their names written in Kanji letters.

50. Sumigaki Japanese Charcoal Toothpaste

Designed to whiten the teeth, reduce mouth odor, and protect the teeth from plaque and cavities, this charcoal toothpaste from Sumigaki has no peroxide and fluoride. It has an herbal mint flavor that keeps the breath fresh. 

51. Kit Kat Mini Rhum Raisin 

A limited-edition Kit Kat from the Tokyo area, the Rhum Raisin flavored Kit Kat has a subtly sweet taste and raisins soaked in aromatic rum and covered in white chocolate. 

52. Sakamukea

Dries quickly and stays in place, the liquid bandage is very useful for small cuts and scratch. It prevents water and other foreign particles from entering the wound during some activities. 

53. Popin Cookin Sushi Box

Many people are getting hooked with the Popin’ Cookin’ sets which offer a fun and exciting way of making your sweets. With this particular variant, you can create realistic-looking sushi by just adding in water.

54. Kit Kat Mini Momiji Manju 

A classic autumn flavor, the Momiji Manju variant of Kit Kat infuses a mixture of Momiji maple red leaves buckwheat and rice cake Manju bun into white chocolate Kit Kat. This one is made in partnership with Takatsudo, a famous Momiji Manju maker from Hiroshima, so you are sure that it is authentically Japanese.

55. Jueki Sheets

Jueki sheets are the best thing that will happen to your tired, aching feet at the end of a long day. The foot care sheets contain hyaluronic acid and shea butter.

56. Nintendo 2DS LL Pikachu Edition

Cuteness level at its maximum! With a larger screen and a compact, folding design, you get your money’s worth as it is also being sold at an affordable price. You bet that this is going to be a collector’s item several years from now, so you better lay your hands on one. 

57. Kurokawa

If your stubborn blackhead keeps on annoying you, then this special cream will scrape off blackheads and old, hard skin and helps reproduce new skin. 

58. Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

An exclusive regional Yokohama edition, this Kit Kat is covered in creamy white chocolate with a sweet strawberry cheesecake chocolate flavor. 

59. PAIR 

A moist cream with a light texture, PAIR is an acne treatment cream that is perfect for daily use and made explicitly for the adult skin. 

60. Nintendo 2DS Pink 

Sakura-loving gamers out there will surely swoon over this Nintendo 2DS Pink console. What’s good about the 2Ds series is that it is a perfect match for those looking for their first portable gaming device and have a chance to play the full library of Nintendo titles. 

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