Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!

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“Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!” is a Japanese language textbook written by Yoko Asano, and Kazuko Shimada and made for learners with an intermediate level in Japanese. This 176-page textbook will help you to master the Japanese conversation. Translations in English are included in this book.

Extra media: “Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!” is sold with 2 CDs that includes audio material, (92 minutes).


1 - 成田空港で - 都内へ移動して、東京観光の始まり! (At Narita Airport: Moving to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and starting to sightsee around Tokyo!)
2 - ホテルで - ホテルに到着、フロントでチェックイン (In a hotel: Arriving at a hotel and checking in at the front desk)
3 - 浅草で (1) ガイドさんの案内で雷門から浅草寺へ (In Asakusa (1): Walking from Kaminari-mon gate to Senso-ji temple with a guide)
4 - 浅草で (2) 江戸時代から伝わる伝統菓子をお土産に (In Asakusa (2): Getting traditional Edo sweets as a souvenir)
5 - 浅草で (3) 着物姿で街を歩いてみよう (In Asakusa (3): Taking a stroll in a town wearing a Kimono)
6 - 旅行会社で - 東京発のバスツアーに申し込む (At a travel agency: Applying for a bus tour departing from Tokyo)
7 - 観光バスで - 1日だけでも大満足、日帰りツアーで温泉へ (In a sightseeing bus: Enjoying a full one-day hot spring trip)
8 - 駅の窓口で - 特急列車で、富士山の見える箱根へ (At a ticket counter in a station: Traveling to Hakone with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji by special express train)
9 - 地下鉄で - 地下鉄に乗って、都内を自由に移動しよう (In a subway: Moving around the Tokyo metropolitan area freely by subway)
10 銀座で - 道案内の達人がいる交番へ (In Ginza: Asking directions)
11 劇場で - 歌舞伎が見たい! チケットを予約する (In a theater: I want to see Kabuki. Reserving a ticket)
12 和食レストランで - 季節の材料を使った日本料理を味わおう (In a Japanese restaurant: Enjoying Japanese seasonal foods)
13 博物館で - 楽しみながら江戸や東京の文化を知る (In a museum: Learning Edo and Tokyo culture while having fun)
14 コンビニで - 買い物だけではない、便利な使い方 (In a convenience store: Introducing the range of services)
15 茶道教室で - 初めてでも安心、茶道の基本を学ぶ (In a tea ceremony class: Beginners don't have to worry; Learning the basics of the tea ceremony)
16 薬局で - 体の調子が悪くなったときには (At a pharmacy: When you don't feel well)
17 防災館で - 地震や火事から身を守る方法を覚えておこう (In a Life Safety Learning Center: Learn to protect yourself from an earthquake and fire)

Supplementary information

  • Title in Japanese: Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!
  • Romanization of the title: Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Written by Yoko Asano, and Kazuko Shimada
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Book format: 257 × 182 mm
  • Pages: 176 pages (+ an extra book of 16 pages
  • Weight: 433 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789013574

More about The Japan Times

“Live from Tokyo - Listen to Real Japanese!” is edited by The Japan Times, a printer based in Tokyo that operates the longest-running daily newspaper available in English in Japan. Indeed, “The Japan Times” company is named after this daily publication that started in 1897 and which allows non-nationals in Japan to have local and international news in a language other than Japanese. In addition to its daily publications, the publisher that produces “The Japan Times” also sells magazines in Japan and Japanese language books. For example, very popular book series like Genki and Kanji in Context are printed by this company.

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