Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks (Book 1)

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“Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks (Book 1)”, or “きょうから話せる! にほんごだいじょうぶ[Book 1]” in Japan, is a Japanese language textbook written by Sun Academy NIHONGO Center and edited by The Japan Times. It is perfect for learners with an elementary Japanese level. With this textbook, you will be able to strengthen your comprehensive with this 296-page textbook. You will find English instructions in this textbook.

Extra media: “Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks (Book 1)” is sold with 1 CD-ROM that contains audio material in MP3 files (3h03).

More about the “Nihongo Daijobu!” series

The “Nihongo Daijobu!” books help Japanese language students acquire the communication skills in basic Japanese within a very short period of time. These series meet the needs of students who have struggled with putting classroom Japanese to use in the real world. Each unit gradually enhances communication skills by taking students through tasks that challenge them to practically apply their skills in a wide range of applications.

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  • Chapter 1: Dōzo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you)
  • Chapter 2: Nan desu ka (What is this?)
  • Chapter 3: Nan-ji desu ka (What time is it?)
  • Chapter 4: Kaimono (Shopping strategies)
  • Chapter 5: Okinawa ni ikimasu (I am going to Okinawa)
  • Chapter 6: Denwa (Using telephone strategies)
  • Chapter 7: Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal)
  • Chapter 8: Saikō no nichi-yōbi (My perfect Sunday)
  • Chapter 9: Sore, ii desu ne! (That's nice!)
  • Chapter 10: Dō deshita ka (How was it?)
  • Chapter 11: Yasumitai-n-desu ga . . . (Calling in sick)
  • Chapter 12: Watashi no sodatta machi (My hometown)

Extra information

  • Title in Japanese: きょうから話せる! にほんごだいじょうぶ[Book 1]
  • Title in romaji: Kyō Kara Hanaseru! Nihon Go Daijōbu (Book 1)
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Sun Academy NIHONGO Center
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Book format: 257 × 182 mm
  • Pages: 296 pages (+ a supplement of 72 pages
  • Weight: 622 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789015899

About the publisher

“Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks (Book 1)” is a textbook edited by The Japan Times, a Tokyo-based publishing house that produces the longest-established daily newspaper written in English in Japan. In fact, “The Japan Times” company is named after this daily publication that was first published in 1897 and helps overseas residents residing in Japan stay up to date on things that are happening in the country and abroad. Besides its daily newspaper, the publisher that produces “The Japan Times” also issues magazines in Japan and books to learn Japanese, such as the Genki and Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar series, which are highly popular with English-speaking students.

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