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99Japan exports worldwide the best Japanese books to study in Japanese. Whether you're looking to improve your Japanese conversation skills or your Japanese listening or need Japanese kanji books, we have all you need in stock. Stop searching for hours all over the web or in your local bookstore to get your Japanese learning books.

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Getting ready to learn Japanese? Learn Hiragana and Katakana from the best books


Learn to read Japanese with the best available Kanji textbooks.


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We compiled the best books to improve your writing skills in any possible situation.


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Planning on taking the JPLT exam? Get ready with JLPT practice test textbooks.

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Improve your Japanese listening comprehension with the best books available.

Most Famous Series

Minna No Nihongo

Minna no Nihongo series are among the most famous Japanese language books, most of the Japanese language schools use it. It includes grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking exercises based on daily situations. It is a solid start for a beginner in Japanese.

Genki Textbooks

A majority considers Genki Japanese Textbooks as the reference for English speakers who have studied Japanese. It includes grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking exercises based on daily situations and additionally some kanjis to study.

Kanzen Master Books

For those who are planning to take the JLPT exams, the Kanzen master books are the excellent materials to practice. Work on the essential grammar, kanji, listening and reading comprehension and practices with JLPT like exercises. 4 editions for each level are available. Pass your exams without difficulty.

Nihongo So Matome

Another excellent material for Japanese language students, the Nihongo Sou Matome series, contains all you require to study for future Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It includes grammar, kanji, listening, and reading comprehension. The series is divide into five levels, and each level contains 3 to 5 books.

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