Instant Soba from Japan

‚ÄėSoba' is, actually, a Japanese term for ‚Äėbuckwheat' but it is also used to refer to a type of instant noodles made from buckwheat flour or a combination of wheat and buckwheat flours. They are thin as compared to the thick udon. Being made from buckwheat, soba contains eight essential amino acids, lysine, and thiamine.

Japanese people have been eating soba as far as the Tokugawa or Edo period (1603-1868) and has been greatly enjoyed by the people of Tokyo.

Soba can be served hot or cold, depending on the season. In the summertime, chilled soba is served on a sieve-like tray made out of bamboo. They are garnished with bits of dried nori seaweed and dipped in a sauce made from dashi, sweetened soy sauce, and mirin. It in this sauce, called ‚Äėtsuyu,' that certain toppings, like wasabi and scallions, are added.

During the cold months, on the other hand, hot soba is served in a bowl of steaming tsuyu soup and garnished with onion and chili powder.

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How to cook an instant soba noodle bowl?

Heat up a pot of water. When it is already boiling, add the soba noodles and cook it until it is soft yet still firm. If you do not have time to boil a pot of water, you can just add hot water and let the noodle soak it up. Add in the seasonings and other toppings. You now have a hot bowl of yummy instant udon noodle. Just don’t forget to stir.

Is instant soba gluten-free?

Buckwheat is a gluten-free grain substitute. Soba noodles, which are made from buckwheat, are naturally gluten-free. This is good news for those who have developed intolerance against gluten but enjoys eating his noodles, too. Just do check the label of instant soba noodle if it is made from 100 percent buckwheat, as some do contain wheat.

Is instant noodle bad for you?

Instant noodle is the meal people usually turn to if they needed a quick and easy to prepare one. Students and employees enjoy it the most because instant noodles are affordable and practical. However, there are specific issues when it comes to the health aspect of eating instant noodles. Some groups express concern against its consumption because of its cholesterol and sodium contents. They also say that instant noodles are low on nutrients and fiber. So, if you are eating it, every day chances are you are consuming excessive amounts of sodium and are missing out on essential nutrients.  

However, there are instant noodles in the market today which are taking the healthier path. Instead of being fried, these noodles are air- or sun-dried and are produced with less sodium. Some brands are also fortifying their instant noodles with essential nutrients to make it more nourishing and healthier.

And, of course, you can always make your bowl of instant noodles by adding in more vegetables and other sources of fiber, protein, and good carbohydrates.

Well, too much of a good thing is bad. Ideally, eating instant noodles twice a week should be enough.

Can I buy in bulk? Do you wholesale?

Because instant noodles are really popular, stores usually ran out of stock and may take some time to restock. Here at 99japan, we understand the heart of a instant-noodles-lover and your need to have it ready when cravings set in. We do sell in bulk and you just have to send us a message at if you are interested.