Instant Yakisoba from Japan

Yakisoba is a traditional Japanese stir-fry dish cooked with pork and vegetables and seasoned with a particular type of sauce. Though the term literally means ‘fried buckwheat,' the noodles are not made from buckwheat, but from wheat flour. It is often served either as a main dish or a side dish and garnished with seaweed powder, pickled ginger, fish flakes, or mayonnaise.

Some people enjoy eating yakisoba piled inside a sliced down bun and topped with mayonnaise and pickled ginger.

Best instant Yakisoba

We know you want your yakisoba the easiest way. So, we have here a list of instant yakisoba brands in the list below, take your pick, and we will deliver it right at your doorstep. You have the 99Japan guarantee that these are the best ones.

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How to cook instant yakisoba?

Most instant yakisoba comes in a bowl with a lid so if you are cooking one, just open the lid halfway and take out the packets of oil, seasonings, and other toppings. Open the toppings packet and pour its contents on top of the instant noodle block. Pour hot water inside the bowl. There will be a line or a mark inside the container indicating that you have enough water as soon as you reach it.

Close the lid and let the water soak the dried noodles and the toppings. You may also put the packets of seasoning and oil above the top to keep it close and to even warm it up a bit, especially if the oil has hardened and solidified. Let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes.

When the time is up, tear off the perforated portion of the lid. There might be no perforated part on certain instant yakisoba containers so you will need to make holes on the cover using a fork. Drain the water through this holes. The water might still be hot, at this point, so you have to be careful not to burn yourself.

As soon as the container is empty of water, add in the remaining oils and sauces in the yakisoba noodles, as well as the other spices, if there are any.  

If your instant yakisoba comes in a plastic packet, you may need another bowl to transfer everything to and, also, to cook it in.

What to put in instant yakisoba? How to add flavor?

Vegetables such as shredded cabbage, carrot, ginger, and others are nice to add with instant yakisoba. They add texture and more flavor, plus, they make the dish healthier and more nutritious. You may also add in slices of pork, beef, chicken, or seafood.

What is the oil package in instant yakisoba?

The accompanying oil packet in instant yakisoba contains refined oil and flavors extract from natural ingredients such as vegetables and spices such as onion and coriander, among others.

Can I buy in bulk? Do you wholesale?

Because instant noodles are really popular, stores usually ran out of stock and may take some time to restock. Here at 99japan, we understand the heart of a instant-noodles-lover and your need to have it ready when cravings set in. We do sell in bulk and you just have to send us a message at if you are interested.