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Kit Kat – Okinawa Sweet potatoes

$15 $4

Kit Kat mini special edition from Okinawa! The Kit Kat mini Okinawa sweet potatoes is a purple looking Kit Kat mini!

So why is it from Okinawa? Okinawa is famous for its sweet potatoes, the Beni Imo. They have a natural purple color and are also famous for their excellent beta-carotene and antioxidants.

You don’t need to feel guilty anymore while eating this sweet Kit Kat!

Kit Kat Mini – Azuki Red Bean Taste

$15 $3

There are so many unique KitKat flavors in Japan that you can’t find anywhere else. Have you seen this one before: Azuki (red bean) Sandwich?

Kit Kat Mini – Hojicha taste

$19 $3

Have you tried the Kitkat Hojicha taste? hojicha is special Japanese green tea roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. Very good and unique!

Kit Kat Mini – Rhum Raisin

$14 $3

Special kit kat flavor from Tokyo! The KitKat mini Rhum Raisin flavor! The unique fragrance of Rhum and Raisin in a chocolate kit kat!