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New Kanzen Master JLPT N1 Vocabulary

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“New Kanzen Master Chokai JLPT N1 Voice” is a Japanese language book written by and edited by A3 Books. It is made for Japanese abilities. This -page book will help you to improve your Japanese language.

More about the “New Kanzen Master” series

The Shin Kanzen Master is a series of language books made particularly for students who are about to take JLPT examinations. It contains discussions and lessons on important grammar points depending on the level of the test that will be taken. It has a collection of books intended for those who will take N1 to the N4 level of JLPT. However, there is none for the N5 level. Those who are just starting to learn the Japanese language may have to choose other textbook series for this one might be too advanced for them.

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