An Introduction to Japanese Grammar and Communication Strategies (Revised Edition)

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“An Introduction to Japanese Grammar and Communication Strategies (Revised Edition)”, better known as “日本語の文法とコミュニケーション・ストラテジー【改訂版】” in Japanese, is a Japanese language book written by Senko K. Maynard and made for learners with an intermediate Japanese level. With this textbook, you will be able to improve your Japanese grammar with this 416-page book. You will find English instructions in this book.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with grammar, it is essential to have an excellent knowledge of linguistic methods and strategies to improve your ability to learn a foreign language. This reference book contains 130 grammar points, expressions and communication strategies that are essential for beginner students. The sections are organized according to their difficulty and complemented by explanations in English. Beginner students can use this versatile resource to learn by themselves, or to supplement classroom textbooks.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Preliminaries
    • Sound System
    • Writing System and Romanization
    • Characteristics of the Japanese Language
    • Simple and Complex Sentences
    • Variations of the Japanese Language
  • Part 2: Fundamentals (Entries 1-40)
  • Part 3: Core (Entries 41-100)
  • Part 4: Expansion (Entries 101-130)
  • Appendixes
  • Subject Index/Vocabulary Lists

Extra information

  • Title in Japanese: 日本語の文法とコミュニケーション・ストラテジー【改訂版】
  • Title in roman letters: Nihongo No Bunpō To Komyunikeishon. Sutoratejī (Kaitei Ban)
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Senko K. Maynard
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Book format: 210 × 148 mm
  • Pages: 416 pages
  • Weight: 517 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789013383

Information about the publisher

“An Introduction to Japanese Grammar and Communication Strategies (Revised Edition)” is published by The Japan Times, a Japanese publisher that is running the longest-established daily newspaper edited in English in Japan. Actually, “The Japan Times” is the name of this daily publication that was first published in the last years of the 19th century and helping foreigners residing in Japan to keep up to date with things that are happening in the country and abroad. Besides its daily publications, the publisher which is behind “The Japan Times” also issues magazines in Japan and Japanese language learning books. Very popular book series such as Genki or Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar are produced by this company.

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