Haikyuu - Keiji Akaashi

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From the volleyball manga "Haikyuu", the Yutaka Gakuen High School Valley Department setter and "Team's command tower" "Keiji Akaashi" is Nendoroid! The 
expression parts are "Normal face" and "When you decide a two-attack In addition to the "face" prepared, "Amazed face" shown in case of rabbit rush mode is prepared. 
In addition, "Optional Shitaro Nendoroid" (sold separately) for "Nendoroid Kitaro Kotaro (Optional)" comes with a "Shabukure Face", you can also play with wooden rabbits! 
"Volleyball" and "coat dedicated pedestal" also included In addition to being able to reproduce the impressive scene in the play, we also offer "Net Parts", "Rice grain seal" and "Seals for Munching mouth"! 

Item Detail

  • Specifications: Painted, non-articulated, non-scale PVC & ABS figure