Japan: Then and Now

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“Japan: Then and Now”, also known as “英語で語る日本事情2020” in Japanese, is a bilingual book edited by The Japan Times for learners and Japan enthusiasts with Japanese abilities. The 304 pages of this bilingual book in English and Japanese is an excellent chance to better understand Japanese culture while learning new Japanese vocabulary.

A bilingual book that explains many aspects of Japanese society, culture, and History in a format that is enjoyable to both Japanese and foreign readers. The chapters cover topics as diverse as travel, customs, sports, and Kanji characters.

Also included: “Japan: Then and Now” is sold with 1 CD-ROM where you will find audio material in MP3 files, (3h15).

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: 地理・気候 (Geography and Climate)
  • Chapter 2: 歴史1 (History 1)
  • Chapter 3: 歴史2 (History 2)
  • Chapter 4: 日本観光 (Travel Japan)
  • Chapter 5: 衣類・住居 (Clothing and Housing)
  • Chapter 6: 食べ物・飲み物 (Food and Drink)
  • Chapter 7: 祝日 (National Holidays)
  • Chapter 8: 年中行事 (Annual Events)
  • Chapter 9: 慣習・儀式 (Customs and Rituals)
  • Chapter 10: 宗教 (Religion)
  • Chapter 11: スポーツ・余暇 (Sports and Leisure)
  • Chapter 12: 美術・工芸 (Arts and Crafts)
  • Chapter 13: 舞台芸術・音楽 (Stage Arts and Music)
  • Chapter 14: 文学 (Literature)
  • Chapter 15: ポップカルチャー・マスコミ (Popular Culture and Mass Media)
  • Chapter 16: 日本人のこころ (Japanese Character)
  • Chapter 17: 政府 (Government)
  • Chapter 18: 経済・産業 (Economy and Industry)
  • Chapter 19: 家族問題 (Family Issues)
  • Chapter 20: 変化と課題 (Changes and Challenges)
  • 東京: 日本の中枢 (Tokyo: Japan's Heartbeat)

Supplementary information

  • Title in Japanese: 英語で語る日本事情2020
  • Roman transliteration of the title: Eigo De Kataru Nippon Jijō 2020
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Hiroyuki Eguchi, Daniel Dumas
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Book format: 210 × 148 mm
  • Pages: 304 pages
  • Weight: 440 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789016698

About The Japan Times, the company that publishes “Japan: Then and Now”

“Japan: Then and Now” is published by The Japan Times, a Tokyo-based publisher that is running the oldest English-language daily newspaper in Japan. Indeed, “The Japan Times” company is named after this newspaper that has been published since 1897 and allows foreign residents in Japan to have information from home and abroad in a language other than Japanese. Aside from its daily newspaper, the company which is behind “The Japan Times” also publishes magazines in Japan and Japanese language learning books, including the Genki and Kanji in Context series, which are highly popular with western students.

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