Japanese Folk Tales: Special Selections

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“Japanese Folk Tales: Special Selections”, known as “よりぬき 英語で読む 日本昔ばなし” in Japanese, is a book written by Benjamin Woodward and Kazuhisa Shimomura and made. This 144-page book in English is an exciting opportunity to have a better understanding of Japanese culture and the Japanese people.

This book is a collection of the best stories published in the "Japanese Folk Tales" series. Each story is written in simple English. They will allow you to better discover Japanese oral traditions.

Extra media: “Japanese Folk Tales: Special Selections” comes with 1 CD containing audio material (78 minutes).


  • 桃太郎 (Peach Boy)
  • 鶴の恩返し (A Crane’s Gratitude)
  • はなさかじいさん (Old Man Blossom)
  • まんじゅう怖い (Dumpling Scaredy-Cat)
  • 浦島太郎 (Urashimataro)
  • 舌切すずめ (The Tongueless Sparrow)
  • かさ地蔵 (The Stone Buddhas)
  • のっぺらぼう (No Face)

Supplementary information

  • Title in Japanese: よりぬき 英語で読む 日本昔ばなし
  • Romanization of the title: Yorinuki Eigo De Yomu Nippon Mukashi Banashi
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Benjamin Woodward and Kazuhisa Shimomura
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Book format: 210 × 148 mm
  • Pages: 144 pages
  • Weight: 275 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789016230

Information about the publisher

“Japanese Folk Tales: Special Selections” is a book in English edited by The Japan Times, a Japanese publication company that operates the longest-running English-language daily newspaper in Japan. In fact, “The Japan Times” company is named after this newspaper that began in 1897 and which provides foreigners who live in Japan with information from home and abroad in a language other than Japanese. Apart from its daily newspaper, the publisher that produces “The Japan Times” also publishes magazines and Japanese language learning books, including the Genki and Kanji in Context series, which are very popular among English-speaking learners.

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