Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners (Revised Edition)

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“Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners (Revised Edition)”, or “会話のにほんご” in Japan, is a Japanese language book written by Mizue Sasaki and Masami Kadokura and made for learners with an intermediate level in Japanese. With it, you will learn how to improve your Japanese conversation with the 240 pages of this book.

Also included with this book: “Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners (Revised Edition)” comes with 2 CDs including audio material (106 minutes).

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: ~ている (-te iru)
  • Chapter 2: ~てある (-te aru)
  • Chapter 3: ~ておく (-te oku)
  • Chapter 4: ~てください (-te kudasai)
  • Chapter 5: ~てしまう (-te shimau)
  • Chapter 6: ~てくる・~ていく (-te kuru ・-te iku)
  • Chapter 7: 自動詞・他動詞 (Transitive/Intransitive Verbs)
  • Chapter 8: 可能形 (Potential Form)
  • Chapter 9: 受け身形 (Passive Form)
  • Chapter 10: 使役形・使役受け身形 (Causative & Causative-passive Forms)
  • Chapter 11: あげる・もらう・くれる (Ageru ・Morau ・Kureru)
  • Chapter 12: ~てあげる・~てもらう・~てくれる (-te ageru ・-te morau ・-te kureru)
  • Chapter 13: させていただく・してもらう (Sasete itadaku ・Shite morau)
  • Chapter 14: 条件の表現:と・たら・ば・なら (Conditional Expressions: To ・Tara ・Ba ・Nara)
  • Chapter 15: 尊敬語・謙譲語 (Honorifics & Humble Language)
  • Chapter 16: 伝聞・様態の表現:そうだ (Expressing Hearsay/Appearances: Soo da)
  • Chapter 17: 推量の表現:だろう・ようだ・らしい (Conjecture: Daroo ・Yoo da ・Rashii)
  • Chapter 18: 副詞:どうも・ちょっと・やはり・よく (Adverbs: Doomo ・Chotto ・Yahari ・Yoku)
  • Chapter 19: 否定を伴う副詞:あまり・決して・全然・ちっとも (Negative Adverbs: Amari ・Kesshite ・Zenzen ・Chittomo)
  • Chapter 20: 擬音語・擬態語 (Mimetic Expressions)
  • Chapter 21: 形式名詞:こと (Formal Nouns: Koto)
  • Chapter 22: 形式名詞:もの (Formal Nouns: Mono)
  • Chapter 23: 形式名詞:ところ (Formal Nouns: Tokoro)
  • Chapter 24: 形式名詞:わけ (Formal Nouns: Wake)
  • Chapter 25: 形式名詞:ほう (Formal Nouns: Hoo)
  • Chapter 26: 順接の接続詞・接続句 (Resultative Conjunctions)
  • Chapter 27: 逆接の接続詞・接続句 (Contradictory Conjunctions)
  • Chapter 28: 間投詞 (Interjections)

Further information about “Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners (Revised Edition)”

  • Title in Japanese: 会話のにほんご
  • Romanization of the title: Kaiwa No Nihon-Go
  • Editor: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Mizue Sasaki and Masami Kadokura
  • Publication Year: 2007
  • Book format: 257 × 182 mm
  • Pages: 240 pages (+ a supplement of 40 pages
  • Weight: 604 grams
  • ISBN: 9784789012850

About The Japan Times

“Japanese through Dialogues for Intermediate Learners (Revised Edition)” is a book published by The Japan Times, a publisher headquartered in the Japanese capital city that operates the longest-established English-language daily newspaper in Japan. Indeed, “The Japan Times” company is named after this newspaper that was first published in the last years of the 19th century and which provides foreign residents who live in Japan with local and international news in a language other than Japanese. They also make Japanese language materials and magazines. This firm is renowned for its best-selling series Genki and Kanji Look and Learn. All these language materials can be purchased on 99Japan.

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